Listen to YouTube music from a desktop player



These days, listening to your favorite artists is now as simple as opening YouTube and selecting a playlist.

But if you want to simplify the experience even more, you can use Musictube, a desktop player based on the great video website that lets you listen to your favorite music in a quick and easy way just as you would on your usual media player.

Just open the program, search for what you want, choose which songs you want to play from the results, and add them to the playlist.

You can add or delete songs by just dragging them in and out of the list, or choosing random mode so it doesn't get too repetitive.

The advantages of Musictube are many. Among them, what stands out is the selective search, where you can look for one official video and another unofficial one. This way, you'll always find interesting fan-made things and also the original clips.

Also, by right-clicking on each track you can find the complete lyrics to your songs so you can sing them or understand everything the musician is saying.

Finally, you can search for dozens of covers made by other people to help you do your own or discover new versions of your favorite song.

The lists you create will be automatically saved so you can access them more easily any time you want. And of course you can also delete or modify them whenever you like.